Best Water Purifiers in India 2021

Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 | Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 | Reviews and Buyers Guide


Let’s be practical about the safety of drinking water. Yes, this is the most discussed topic.  We need to be very cautious about the water we consume. The water has to be clean and free from all contaminated impurities. Water should be tasty and should also contain the required amount of minerals. This article will prove to be helpful to those who are planning to buy a water purifier to keep themselves safe from all forms of water-borne diseases. Find out the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 will keep you and your family safe.





Why People Buy Water Purifiers?

Water is an indispensable part of our lives. Drinking clean and pure water should be our major priority to keep ourselves safe from several water-borne diseases. People basically opt for the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021beacuses-


Drinking clean water-

This is the most important criterion. You cannot deny the fact that pure water keeps you healthy. Thus, people buy water purifiers for their overall well-being. Clean water can protect from various diseases.


Latest technology-

Most of the best water purifiers are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies such as RO, UV, UF, MTD, Gravity, and Mineraliser. People buy water purifiers because these advanced features are not available in the old form of filters and these features have become essential to remove the contamination from water


The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 are cost-effective-

They do not consume much electricity. No need to spend huge maintenance costs. The best brands offer free installation.


Sleek design and compact body-

People have become advanced and they need smart appliances for their homes. People opt for water purifiers mostly because the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 enhance the look of their kitchen wall.






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Different Types of Water Purification Systems

Check out the different types of water purification systems-


Sediment purification:

The water is passed through sediment paper in this system.



This system of purification is most effective against sediments and large particles in water.

It is a low-cost technique with a simple replacement process. 



This process does not remove chemicals and contaminants smaller than 1 micron.



Activated carbon purification system:

This purification process adsorbs all the contaminants in water and prevents water from channeling.



Does not need a power supply and low maintenance cost.

This process is very effective in removing chlorine, bad taste, and odor.



The process is not suitable for a high level of TDS in water

Does not remove viruses from water



Reverse Osmosis RO purification technology:

RO process utilizes a semipermeable membrane or a RO membrane that separates inorganic contaminants from the water and makes the water clean.



Provides the best purification against the majority of contaminants found in water, removes dissolved solids such as iron, calcium, lead, cysts, mercury, bacteria, and more contaminants.



Slow purification process

Costly method and high water wastage.




In this purification process, the water is heated to the boiling point using electrical energy. Following this, the steam is captured and condensed into pure distilled water in liquid form.



Remove the majority of contaminants found in water

Able to remove dissolved solids, excess minerals, and bacterial



Higher cost




Ion exchange:

This is the water softening purification procedure.




Effective against dissolved inorganics contaminants

Removes arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, sulfates, uranium, and more negatively charged contaminants



Does not remove organic contaminants and microorganism’s

High operating cost



Ultraviolet disinfection process:

When water containing microorganisms’ passes through the UV lamp section, the UV ray energy emitted from the lamp damages the microorganism’s cells by killing or deactivating them.



Kills 99.99% of microorganisms

Chemical-free purification process

Low-cost purification process

Environmental friendly



Relies upon electricity supply to work

Only removes microorganisms from the water

Residual particles in the water will reduce the efficiency in destroying microorganisms



UF process:

Hydrostatic pressure is used in ultrafiltration technology to force the water to flow through a submicron semipermeable UF membrane. This filters out most of the contaminants in water.



Best in strong filtration capability down to 0.01 microns

Effective in removing the majority of contaminants in water including parasites, viruses, bacteria, turbidity, and most pathogenic organisms

retains the essential minerals in the purified water



The UF process cannot remove Chlorine taste and odor.

Cannot remove dissolved solids like salts, fluoride, and more




The water ionizer procedure uses a water treatment method called water ionization to clean the water. This process involves the water to pass through an internal filter to reduce some contaminants and chemicals but leaving some impurities in water for the water ionizer to function properly.



Adjusts the pH of the water

Enhances the taste of the water



Weak water filtration capability

Does not remove total dissolved solids (TDS), pharmaceuticals, and organic contaminants in water






The benefit of Water Purifier:

There are immense health benefits that you will get from the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021-


Best energy source-

Our body constitutes 70% water. Drinking clean and mineralized water is important to keep the body hydrated. Water purifiers ensure you get mineralized water that will also help for the proper brain and body functioning.


Weight loss-

Water purification also contributes to weight management.  It is researched that those who consume water before their meal eat 75% fewer calories. But the water has to be purified so that you get the essential minerals to keep your stomach full.


Removes all the contaminated impurities-

The main benefit of a water purifier is that it cleans the water by removing all the deadly bacteria and viruses. Water purifiers are a must to keep water-borne diseases at bay. The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 also enhances the taste of the water you drink.


Removes chemicals-

The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 removes chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride, and lead present in dirty water in excess quantities. Thus, you get pure and clean water to drink.


Glowing and healthy skin-

Drinking water from a water purifier not only helps you internally but also reflects on your skin. Purified water ensures skin elasticity and makes the skin soft and glowing.



Pure water maintains proper bowel movement, thus helps indigestion.


Do not contribute to environmental pollution-

The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 consumes less electricity. The water purifiers are also equipped with authentic purification systems, hence not contributing to carbon emission and not polluting the environment.


Saves time-

The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 takes the least time to provide you the purified water.



water purifier buying guide



Water Purifier Buying Guide:

With so many brands available in the market, it is quite common to get confused. Guys do not worry as the below-mentioned points will clear all your doubts and you can buy the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 with ease-


Water test-

Test the water quality of your home before buying a water purifier. TDS test will let you know about the total dissolved solutes in the water. Test the water with the help of a TDS water meter or water testing kit. Expert consultation is also advised before you opt for a water purifier.

If the TDS of the water in your area is below 500ppm then you can go for a UV water purifier. If you buy an RO purifier it will further reduce the TDS level that means the purified water will be devoid of essential minerals.

If the TDS level is above 500ppm, then UV+RO water purifier with mineralizer is suggested if the water is not turbid. But for muddy or turbid water UV+UF+RO water purifier with mineralizer is advised. So, consider the points carefully and buy the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. Also, keep in mind that if the TDS level of the water is above 500ppm with no biological impurities, then you have to buy a RO+UV water purifier.



Most of the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 make the use of ABS plastic for the inner tank as it is a thermoplastic polymer. ABS is plastic is food grade and capable of withstanding high-temperature fluctuations. Steel is also used as some of the water purifiers for longevity but steel is comparatively heavier than ABS. On the contrary, ABS plastic is non-toxic and more durable than steel.



All the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 comes with a storage tank so that the purified drinking water can be stored and you are never short of pure water. The storage capacity of 5-7L is ideal for small families. If you have a large family then opt for water purifiers with a storage capacity of 10-12L.



LED indicators are almost present in all the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. Indicators let you know the water level in the storage tank so that you can switch on the power button for further purification. Indicators also indicate the functioning of the purifier and the need for maintenance.


Electrical/Non-electrical water purifiers-

Most of the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 runs on electric supply. Therefore, check that the purifiers consume less power for it will save money and will not contribute to environmental pollution.



Choose a sleek design and compact body so that it consumes less space in your kitchen. Before you buy a water purifier you must also have knowledge of the technology used in the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021


UV technology-

UV technology does not alter water chemically. UV water purifiers ensure a fast disinfection process. But the cons are that UV purifiers do not remove dissolved organic and inorganic particles from the water.


RO technology-

RO technology is most effective when the TDS of the water is 200-2000ppm. RO technology reduces the hardness of the water.  It purifies the water contaminated by fluoride or other harmful chemicals and heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. RO is considered to be the most effective and convenient option for purifying water.


UF technology-

This is the ultra-filtration technique or gravity-based technology. The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 with UF technology are capable of removing cysts. They can also operate without electricity. But the con is that they are not an absolute barrier to harmful viruses. You can buy this UF technology water purifier when you have electricity issues in your area. This water purifier will never let you devoid of water. The ultra-filtration technique is also budgeting friendly and if you are frequently changing your location you need not have to call a technician to de-mount the purifiers. Yes, this water purifier can be placed on your kitchen platform.



Mineraliser ensures that essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained in the purified water. Make sure that the mineralizer is present in the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 as depending upon the TDS level of the water.


Avoid water wastage-

A good amount of water is wasted or thrown out during the process of purification. Therefore, do not buy RO water purifiers if the TDS level is below 500ppm, and if the water in your area does not contain any harmful heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury. In such a case, buying a UV+UF water purifier is recommended so that you do not contribute to water wastage. Guys save water by not opting for RO purifiers if not needed for the water quality you are consuming. You must also ensure the following points so that you buy the Best Water Purifiers in India in 2021



Set aside your budget as soon as you get to know the TDS level of the water. This will refine and enhance your search.


After-sales Service-

Maintenance is needed for all the water purifiers. Ensure that the brand you are buying has a good after-sales service record. Read the reviews of the previous customers who have purchased the product you are planning to buy. If you do not get the review for that same product, then search for the reviews of other products from the same brand to get an insight into the company. Call the brand for a demo and any other queries.



The Best Water Purifiers in India provides the maximum amount of warranty. This will enable you to save your money to a great extent. There will be no need to call the local technicians for the maintenance if the purifiers come with a longer period of warranty.



When buying from online sites, check the packaging of the purifier delivered to you. Check all the accessories are provided. Also, ensure that it has the warranty card and replacement options as well. Do not forget to compare various sites for a well-refined search.




Our Recommended Best Water Purifier in India 2021:


Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze Water Purifier


Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze RO UV MTDS 7L Water Purifier


Check Price on Amazon


AquaSure Amaze from Aquaguard, is a compact and sleek purifier, which is equipped with an ultra-high advanced TDS regulator (MTDS) where you can easily adjust the taste of water as per the water source. This product is trusted by people across India and also being the most preferred brand in over 1500 cities. AquaSure ensures safe drinking water for millions of people.

Smart LED indicators for purification, a tank full, and power-on status. With multi-stage purification technology including RO+UV+MTDS, you can rest assured that the water is 100% safe to drink for you and your family. With a 6000 L* cartridge life and smart indicators, this water purifier will ensure that you have safe water to drink for a longer duration. This purifier features a large 7-liter tank to ensure that you don’t run out of clean and safe drinking water even when you have guests at home. Save more on your monthly bill with an energy-saving mode that automatically switches off the power supply once the tank is full.


Check Price on Amazon




KENT Supreme Lite Water Purifier

Kent Supreme Lite with a capacity of 8L


Check Price on Amazon


Bring home the all-new KENT Supreme Lite RO water purifier to protect your family from water-borne diseases. With KENT’s Mineral RO Technology and multiple purification process of RO+UF+TDS Control, Supreme Lite not only purifies water but also retains the essential natural minerals in the purified water. This advanced water purifier is designed as wall-mounted, making it ideal for domestic purposes.

KENT Supreme Lite puts water through multiple purification processes including RO, UV, and UF to remove dissolved impurities, salts and kills bacteria & viruses. As a result, you get 100% pure water for drinking. An inbuilt TDS Controller in the KENT Supreme Lite allows users to retain desired essential natural minerals in the purified water. KENT Supreme Lite comes with a storage capacity of 8 Litres of purified water ensuring a continuous supply of water even in the absence of electricity. This advanced water purifier comes with a water level indicator to keep a track of purified water available in the storage tank.


Check Price on Amazon




NEXQUA Dew Non-Electric Ultra-Filtration Based Gravity Water Filter and Purifier


NEXQUA Dew Non-Electric Ultra Filtration

Check Price on Amazon


Gravity water filters are non-electric and work on the basis of some mechanical filtration media, i.e some porous membrane filters that physically stop impurities of a larger size than their pores and removes dust, color, odor, bacteria, virus, and cysts, bearing gravity and ultra spun purification technology. The purifier being non-electric it is low on running cost and works well in households that have long power-cuts, thus your water purification need is not dependent on electricity.

It gives the optimal result and effective in controlling bacteria and other microorganisms and ensures you with clean water. This smart, elegant table-top design with a storage capacity of 14 liters optimum for a small family, purifies the water with a purification capacity of 20 liters per hour and is suitable for use where inlet water like tap or municipal water has low TDS. Bring home the all-new Nexqua Brand Filter, the smartest way to ensure safe drinking water. It uses Nano-technology to effectively destroy bacteria and viruses without using electricity or running water.


Check Price on Amazon




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Which is the most efficient water purifier to buy for home purposes?

A: A water purifier suitable for your home depends upon the TDS of the water in your area. Get the TDS test done by the expert to know the total dissolved solutes percentage and on that basis, you need to buy the RO or UV or RO+UV or UF water purifier.


Q: Which material is the best for the tank of the water purifier?

A: Food grade material is used in all the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. Mostly ABS plastic is used in the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. However, stainless steel is also used in some of the purifiers.


Q: What is a mineralizer or mineral guard?

A: A mineralizer balances the pH value of the water. It also enhances the taste of the water and retains the essential nutrients in the purified water.


Q: How much is the annual maintenance cost AMC of the water purifiers?

A: Most of the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 offers AMC. It depends upon the factors. AMC also includes the cost of replacement of the various filters.


Q: RO purifiers are good or bad for health?

A: The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021have no harmful effects on the body. Some of the latest purifiers working on the reverse osmosis process provide mineralized and safe drinking water


Q: How much electricity does the water purifiers consume?

A: The Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 are designed to consume the least amount of energy.


Q: Is it safe to buy a water purifier online?

A: Yes. Most of the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021 are available online. You can contact the brand for any query. Also, you can ask for a free demo of the water purifier. Amazon. is one of the reputed sites from where you can find the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021.





Now that you have all the information about the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021, you can make the best choice for you and your family. Do not compromise the health of your family members. Buy the best product for the overall safety of your family. Drink clean, safe, and tasty water within your budget. Water-borne diseases can be fatal so never take a chance instead make a wise choice with all the above information about the Best Water Purifiers in India 2021. So, guys buy the best and drink the cleanest water from now onwards.

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