Different Types Of Water Purifier

Different Types Of Water Purifier

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Different Types Of Water Purifier


Water purifiers have become the most important appliance. Drinking clean and pure water is the priority and demand of the hour. With so many water-borne diseases prevailing nowadays, a water purifier for your home is the most important need. You must install a water purifier to get clean and tasty water every time. In my article today I am going to introduce you to different types of water purifiers so that you can make your choice according to your need and requirement.



Different Types Of Water Purifier





Why Do We Need A Water Purifier


We need a water purifier to protect ourselves from water-borne diseases. These diseases are often life-threatening. A water purifier not only saves you from various diseases but also improves the overall taste of the water. You get to drink tasty and mineralized water with the help of water purifiers. Water purifiers also remove foul smells and bad odors from the drinking water. Give your family complete safety by installing the best water purifier. Purifiers are of various types so you need to have complete knowledge about the technology upon which the purifiers work before you buy a water purifier for your home.


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What Are The Various Types Of Water Purifier


Get an insight into the different types of water purifiers:


Gravity based water purifier

The gravitational force along with a filter is used by this type of purifier to purify water. This purifier does not need an electric supply. All the dirt and pollutants in the water are removed when the water flows from one section to another. Parasites, viruses, and other impurities are also removed with the help of activated carbon. This is the most inexpensive and portable method of water purification. However, this purifier cannot remove heavy metals and microorganisms from the water. It is best suited for a TDS level below 500ppm and the water should not be muddy.


UV (Ultraviolet Water Purifier)

UV rays are used in this water purifier to eliminate the virus and harmful germs present in the drinking water. You get complete protection from water-borne diseases as UV purifier is among the most efficient purifiers. It runs on electricity to disinfect the water. The UV water purifier is best suited for areas with TDS levels below 500ppm but the water should not be muddy.


RO (Reverse Osmosis)

This water purifier comprises multi-stage purification processes. RO technology is most efficient in removing impurities, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), disease-causing contaminants, viruses, and all forms of bacteria.  RO purifiers run on electric supply and are considered as one of the best purification systems available today. RO technology is best if the water in your area has a TDS level of over 500ppm and the water must not have any biological impurities and mud.


RO+UV water purifiers

This water purifier is recommended for areas with TDS levels above 500ppm and water is contaminated with biological impurities.


UF (Ultra-Filtration) purifier

This method cleans the water with the help of an ultrafiltration membrane. These purifiers have long-lasting filters and are easy to maintain. UF purifier removes all kinds of germs and bacteria from the water. UF technology is suitable for TDS levels below 500ppm.


RO+UV+UF water purifiers

This technology is recommended when the water in your area is muddy and is contaminated with biological impurities also. RO+UV+UF are best suited for areas with TDS level above 500ppm. This type of water purification is a step ahead in getting the purest form of water. This technology demands high maintenance costs but this technology is capable of eliminating all types of dissolved impurities, toxic elements, bacteria, and viruses.


Basic candle filters

This is the most basic type of water purification method that operates on sediment filters or candles. This is the easiest and cheapest water purification method though this method is not capable of eliminating microbes from the water. It is not recommended if your drinking water is very dirty and contaminated.




How To Buy The Best Water Purifier


The first step is to get the TDS test done on your drinking water by an expert to know which of the above water purifiers is suitable for your home. Prepare your budget accordingly and buy the most trusted brand by reading the reviews and getting a complete insight of the warranty and after-sales service record of the brand.





Not all water purifiers are suitable for every household. So, this article must have certainly helped you to get an insight into the different types of water purifiers so that you can buy the best one for your home. Drink clean and safe water with the help of a water purifier that is suitable for your home.

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