How To Assemble RO Water Purifier

How To Assemble RO Water Purifier

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How To Assemble RO Water Purifier


Water purifiers are a very fundamental phase of our lives. Drinking smooth and pure water is quintessential for healthful residing. My article will provide comprehensive detail on how to assemble RO water purifiers. This will help you to get a clear idea that RO purification is important for what reason and installing a RO water purifier is also hassle-free. Gear up to get a complete insight about the assembling and need of a water purifier and buy an RO water purifier for your home. Drink clean and pure water with the help of the best RO water purifier at your home.


How To Assemble RO Water Purifier





What Is RO Water Purifier?


RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification process moves water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. RO technique enables only water molecules to pass on to the other side of the membrane thus, leaving behind the dissolved salts and all other impurities and providing clean drinking water.  RO purification correctly eliminates heavy metals and chemical substances like iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride. RO also removes all forms of physical contaminants, microorganisms from water and makes the drinking water 100% unadulterated for consumption.


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Why Is RO Water Purifier A Good Choice?


RO water is completely safe for health. RO is additionally one of the most environmentally pleasant tactics to getting smooth ingesting water. Get to recognize why RO is an excellent desire and what kind of water can be cleaned with the usage of RO technology. When the TDS (total dissolved solutes) level of the water supply in your area is more than 500mg/L and all other chemical parameters are within IS (Indian Standards) 10500 limits, then an RO purification system is recommended.

RO purifier reduces the excess TDS and softens and improves the taste of the water. Consumption of RO purified water is beneficial for the overall health and well-being. It improves digestive health, supports kidney function, hydrates, and energizes the body. RO purification does not contribute much to water wastage; hence it is also an affordable purification technique.



How To Assemble RO Water Purifier?


The following steps will show useful to bring together RO water cleaner in your homes:


1.Buy the best RO water purifier for your home. Read about the brands selling RO purifiers and buy the best suited for your household.


2.Preparation: To begin with you will need

User Manual

RO module

RO membrane

Installation kit

Storage tank

Filter cartridge

Filter faucet

Tools: drill, screwdriver, wrench, cutter, knife, drill bit, Teflon tape


3.Faucet Installation: Ensure that the position of the faucet drains into the sink and for this, you need to drill a hole. Once you have drilled the hole pass the faucet stem through this hole in an appropriate position.


4.Drain Saddle Fitting- To avoid foul smell in the RO water purification it is recommended to install the drain saddle away from the garbage disposal.


5.Install the inlet feed valve-

Ensure to shut off both the hot and cold water supply first.

Connect the new feed valve provided in the RO box. Also, disconnect the tubing attached to the cold water valve beforehand.

Once it is installed tighten it using a wrench

Connect the cold water valve tubing with the new feed valve and turn on the water supply.


6.Assemble the Pre-filter:

Unscrew the filter cap

Slide in the pre-filter candle

Tighten the cap

Attach the two connectors on either side of the pre-filter


7.Assemble the storage tank and filter compartment:

Set up the tank closer to the drinking faucet

Wrap Teflon tape over the threaded port

Screw the tank connector

Assemble the filter compartments and screw them tightly


8.Install RO membrane:

Insert the membrane in the respective housing

Slide the RO membrane cylinder in the RO cabinet lid

Secure the lid tightly by placing the top back


9.Run the RO system:

Check all the inlet and outlet connection

Ensure there is no leakage

Hang the RO system at the desired place

Leave the outlet pipe in the sink

Connect the RO system with electric supply and run it


Note: Do not consume the first batch of water. This is the test run so drain the water in the sink. Call the brand or the technician for any assistance.





The article has covered all the relevant points to assemble a RO water purifier. Now that you have got a clear idea buy an RO water purifier for your home and drink clean and pure water. Keep water-borne diseases away and stay protected from bacteria and viruses in drinking water. Consume clean and tasty water every day within your budget and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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