How To Choose Water Purifier

How To Choose Water Purifier | Buying Guide

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How To Choose Water Purifier



Waterborne diseases are very common. Drinking unclean and dirty water is the storehouse of several deadly diseases. Unclean water contains dissolved solutes, bacteria, viruses, excessive amounts of chlorine, magnesium, and also arsenic. We need to be very careful while consuming water as water makes up 70% of the bodyweight hence water is the lifeline.

We can easily avoid water-borne diseases and protect ourselves and our family by choosing the right water purifier for our home. Today with this article I would encourage my readers to opt for the right purifier and will explain to you How to Choose Water purifiers for your home.



How To Choose Water Purifier





What to look for when buying a water purifier:


Check all the below points before buying a water purifier:


The technology used in the purifier:


UV technology- UV technology does not alter water chemicals and ensures a fast disinfection process.

RO technology- RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology purifies water contaminated by fluoride or other harmful chemicals and heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. It also reduces the hardness of the water. RO purifiers also enhance the taste of the water.

Ultrafiltration UF- UF technology uses semi-permeable membranes to purify the water.

Gravity-based purifiers- This is the most easiest and convenient method of purification. This type of purification comprises sediment + activated carbon filters that remove all forms of impurities and microorganisms.



Prepare the budget ahead. Water purifiers need maintenance and service so prepare the budget accordingly.



Electric purifiers

Buying electric water is suitable for people staying in an area with no power cut-offs. If there is frequent power cut then battery based or sediment based purifiers are suggested.



Buy registered product

Water purifiers are for cleaning the drinking water so buying a registered product is always advisable. The purifiers must be clinically approved and medically tested.



Body of the purifier

Considering all the technical aspects you need to consider the body of the water purifier must be rust-proof, portable, and sleek. The water purifier must have a wall mounting feature so that it will save space and imparts a smart look to your home.



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How to choose Water Purifier for home


When choosing a water purifier for the home you must keep in mind some crucial points so that you buy the right product.


Water test

Test the water quality of your home before choosing a water purifier. TDS (Total Dissolved Solutes) test will let you know about the dissolved solutes in the water you are consuming. Test the water with the help of a TDS water meter or water testing kit. You can consult an expert for the right water purifier for your home.

If you live in an area where TDS is below 500ppm then buy a UV water purifier whereas with ppm above 500 UV+RO water purifier with mineralizer is suggested if the water is not turbid. But for muddy or turbid water UV+UF+RO water purifier with mineralizer is advised. If the water supply in your home has a TDS of above 500ppm with no biological impurities and mud you can buy a RO water purifier but if the water has biological impurities buy a RO+UV purifier.



The material of the water purifier storage tank must be food-grade. Buy stainless steel or ABS plastic tank water purifiers. Some brands also have copper balls in plastic body tanks for durability and longevity.


LED indicators

Check that the purifier has indicators. Indicators keep you informed whether the storage tank is filled or not and if the purifier does need any maintenance.



The storage capacity of 5-7L is ideal for small families. If you have a large family then opt for a water purifier with a storage capacity of 10-12L so that there is never a shortage of drinking water.


Maintenance and After-sales Service

Maintenance is needed for all kinds of water purifiers. Make sure that the brand you are buying has a good after-sales service record. You can get guidance and assistance from the experts.



This is a very important criterion. Go for the brand that provides a maximum warranty. This will enable you to save your money to a good extent.





Not that you have all the information about how to choose a water purifier, you can buy the right one for your home. Protect your home from all forms of water-borne diseases by drinking clean and purified water. Do not compromise the health of yourself and your family by consuming pure water devoid of pollutants, dissolved solutes, bacteria, and viruses. Stay safe and secured by buying the best water purifier with the help of all the points mentioned above.

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