Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost

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Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost


The pandemic has taught several things. Maintaining hygiene and staying clean is one of the most important criteria to stay safe and protected. But maintaining hygiene and cleanliness should not be an occasional affair rather it should be a part of our daily routine. One of such important criteria is to drink clean and pure water. The reason is not unknown as drinking dirty water can cause several water-borne diseases that can be fatal. So, save your family and your health by consuming pure and clean water. Buy the best water purifier with low maintenance cost and stay safe and healthy.


Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost





Points To Consider Before Buying Water Purifier


There are several things that should be kept in mind before you buy a water purifier:


The material of the storage tank- Buy stainless steel or ABS plastic material tank. The material should be food grade.

Indicators- Ensure that the water purifier has LED indicators so that you get an idea about the water level in the tank.

Wall mounting- This feature of the purifier helps you to save lots of space in your kitchen.

Warranty- Ensure that the brand you are planning to buy provides maximum warranty coverage.

Installation- Most of the good brands offer free installation of the purifier. So, make sure that you avail the benefits.

Maintenance charges- Every water purifier needs to be maintained. Buy a water purifier with a low maintenance cost that will save you time and money.

Budget- Prepare your budget ahead to avoid any confusion.



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Different Types Of Water Purifier


Gravity based water purifier

The gravitational force is used by this type of purifier to purify water. This purifier does not need an electric supply.


UV (Ultraviolet Water Purifier)

UV rays are used in this water purifier to eliminate the virus and harmful germs present in the drinking water. It runs on electricity to disinfect the water. The UV water purifier is best suited for areas with TDS levels below 500ppm but the water should not be muddy.


RO (Reverse Osmosis)

This water purifier involves multi-stage purification processes. RO technology is most efficient in removing impurities, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), disease-causing contaminants, viruses, and bacteria. RO purifiers are expensive to maintain.


RO+UV water purifiers

This water purifier is recommended for areas with TDS levels above 500ppm.


UF (Ultra-Filtration) purifier

Ultrafiltration membrane cleans the water in this method. These purifiers have long-lasting filters and are easy to maintain.


RO+UV+UF water purifiers

This technology is recommended when the water in your area is muddy and is contaminated with biological impurities also.




Is Water Purifier Required In India?


People are aware of the plethora of harmful substances present in the water. The fact cannot be denied that a water purifier is no longer a luxury but it is one of the most necessary appliances for every household.  Drinking tap water is no less than consuming poison and mere boiling cannot make the water pure. So, every household must have a water purifier that will protect you from all forms of water-borne diseases.




Best Water Purifier With Low Maintenance Cost


RO water purifiers are mostly recommended for Indian households considering a large percentage of the population consumes tap water. The TDS level of the tap water is above 500ppm.

The RO purifier is composed of a number of filters- RO membrane, UV chamber, UF membrane, sediment filters, and the activated carbon filters. TDS controller and mineralizers are also a part of RO purifiers. Other pieces of valves, SMPS, switches, pressure pumps are also present.

If the TDS level of the water source is high in your area the filters have to be replaced every 12 months. Regular cleaning is needed for the sediment filters and replacing them is easy. Also, replacing the individual filters is simple.

The AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) costs of the purifier come around Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 per annum. This cost is inclusive of servicing of the worn-out parts as well.

All the RO water purifiers come with 1 year of warranty and it is recommended to register the water purifier with an authorized service center for AMC. The registration will extend the warranty and also you do not need to contact the local technician.






Now that you have all the information about the best water purifier with a low maintenance cost, you can buy a water purifier within your budget. Drink clean pure and tasty water every day. Protect your family from all water-borne diseases.  Do not compromise with your health and stay fit and active all day.

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